Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cheery Cherries and Chunky Jars!

So I was eyeing this jar since I had bought it. Less for the cherries it held within and more for its chunkiness and all I could use it for once it was empty.
I had come across this recipe at one of my favourite blogs Averie Cooks. It somehow always reminds me of Dr. Averie from Grey's Anatomy. So back to the recipe. Apparently it was a bit of an heirloom handed down from her grandma through her mom and according to her, could have been changed down the line.
Here I am, picking up a family tradition and on my way to be utterly sacrilegious about it all.
It was meant to be made out of red maraschino cherries and my chunky jar had... wait for it...

Willing to commit a crime as heinous as twisting grandma Averie's much loved sweet, soft bread made out of luscious red cherries and a pink glaze, I turn everything rather mauve-ish.
So starting out with the recipe itself, here is where Averie cooks the luscious Cherry Bread a-la Grandma. And then I barge in!

The Chopping of cherries led to liberal snacking on a few and then chopping some vehemently as I thought of the mini list of people I don't like nowadays. Helped get through the monotonous chopping, time does fly by when you're having fun after all!
The syrup they came in was perhaps runnier than the red maraschino ones so I added a little less than half a cup of flour and half a teaspoon of baking powder. One can add more sugar to keep the proportion intact though I didn't and it turned out decent. 

 However, howEVER, the confectioner's sugar ratio needs to go up in the glaze for sure. I used exactly a cup and a half and it wasn't enough, though in my lovely Av's defence, the recipe did ask for 1 1/2 + cups (and that too for red cherries, the syrup I' assuming is much less runnier than the one black ones come with) so maybe I should've added more till the glaze got hazed...

Baking time in my moody oven and the capricious Pakistani gas supply was actually just above 40  minutes which was quite alright. The recipe does not warn against absolutely delectable aroma engulfing your kitchen and sending you to bread heaven. Very serious warning. 

It was perhaps the extra baking powder that formed the continental drift kind of crater on top but this baby came out so yummy, my guinea pig (appointed by force) gave me a gold star!

Also I read on her blog to not copy the recipes so I'm sharing the link again as I did earlier. I just changed the type of cherries since 
a) I am not too fond of pink, more of a plum girl at heart
b) These were the only ones I had at home! :)

Packed away the big loaf in cling wrap for later and the thin loaf (leftover batter, just in fear of the probable bread bubbling over, which was a false alarm) for snacking through the night as I look forward to an all-nighter movie-marathon. Yay for Weekend Baking!

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