Thursday, 6 February 2014

One Muppin Two Muppin Morning Toast

So we came across a forced day off in the form of Kashmir Day bang in the middle of the work week. This is when the body rejoiced at an opportunity to relax and the brain screeched at the waste of precious working hours this time of the year!
I had bought my first tart cups/ muffin tray a couple of weeks ago. Never baked cupcakes, muffins or tarts I wanted to give it a try.
I had also picked up a packet of Betty Crocker's Mix Berry Muffin Mix to "see how it goes"
The lazy Wednesday morning called for a baking session that turned simpler than spelling out "Ubiquitous Culinary Adventure Craving" for most. Popped a piece of chocolate on top that was leftover from the Roulade last weekend. Yes. Chocolate can go to waste in my house since I'm not much of a chocolate fan. I like it. Just like it. (okay this one can get me killed but I decided to go out on a limb and say it out in public)
The base became darker than the top but I conveniently blame the oven for that. 
Perhaps I should've preheated it for longer than 2.5 minutes. They turned out delectable, end to end took an entire 20 minutes, including the tearing of the packet and searching for a suitable spoon to mix water in along with a few phone calls attended on the side.
Not too bad eh?
The darkened derrieres summoned the name Morning Toast.
Yes we all love Nuz aunty and her burnt toast each morning. It is an essential morning ritual 
Gearing up to use my muffin tray more often.

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